business-mentorMentorship Works is a startup non-profit that provides simple tools and on-line resources to match mentees with mentors to facilitate the important mentorship process for a growing business.  Any successful executive has received valuable mentorship at some point in their career. The best continue to receive mentorship even after achieving significant levels of success. Today’s budding entrepreneurs are missing an important gap between a slowly evolving educational system and the need for startups and economic stimulation.Mentorship Works is a comprehensive Web site that provides the following important functions:

  1. Provides a matching service to entrepreneurs by defining the entrepreneur skillset, area of interest, and particular needs in the database;
  2. Facilitate the match between mentor and mentee;
  3. Provide  mentoring tools and resources.

Mentorship Works believes entrepreneurs provide the framework for economic vitality. However, there are simply not enough programs and small business services that deliver customized focused programs that cater to the individual entrepreneur. Mentorship works will provide the right mentor for the particular situation.

The Mentorship Works proprietary qualification process is designed by business professionals, consultants, and award winning entrepreneurs with over 100 years of collective experience building and guiding startups. The qualification increases the likelihood of success of a mentor/mentee match which is the most difficult and most important part of the process. Why be limited by mentors in your community? If the right mentor is available but 100 miles away, the Mentorship Works Web site can connect the two individuals.

To Learn more, visit the Mentorship Works Web site – www.mentorshipworks.com