Consulting Phases

Entrepreneurs and companies engage Noospheric to provide a wide array of consulting. For purposes of simplicity, we breakdown the service offerings as follows; although each partnership takes its own unique form.

Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhase VPhase VI

Product Development, Manufacturing, Asset Development

Noospheric always thinks about value. Value comes in the form of assets. Business plans are assets, strong brands are assets, and these are pre-cursors to the actual prototype or manufactured deliverable.

Today, there are more options than ever with whom to partner to develop your Web based medical record system, manufacture your dog brush, or build your blue-tooth transmitters. Even a services based business must manufacture assets and tools that are used for managing client deliverables.

Noospheric helps to identify what needs developing and evaluate the partners to select. We learn more from our mistakes than successes. As is the case with development, you have to have an alternative/back-up plan and understand the project flow to ensure you produce something of high quality ready for the marketplace.

SBClick was sold by Noospheric to Santa Barbara Axxess in 2012.

SB Click Chart


sb click
SBClick is a local marketing solution. That’s a great tag-line but what about the assets, the products that will deliver on this tag-line? Noospheric developed several core assets including a mobile app, mobile Web site, social media marketing plan, and a local strategic marketing process. All together, these assets truly make up a complete local marketing solution.