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“We are honored to be the online marketing agency of record for so many leading companies and organizations. Noospheric provides the infrastructure and guidance that enables us to focus on servicing the client.”

Max Tracy

Director of Marketing

First Click GraphicWho would have guessed we would be conducting 3.5 Billion searches on the internet each and every day. This number continues to grow and the number of Web sites published on-line grows daily. We depend on search engines to index billions of Web pages and present accurate results instantly.

First Click specializes in marketing campaigns that ensure Web sites are properly organized and displayed in these search results. First Click clients increase their ‘keyphrase’ rankings and consequently see important improvements in their Web site traffic.

What makes First Click different and compelling is their emphasis on ‘conversions’. First Click produces award winning Web design, robust back end content management systems, social media assets, and has an experienced team equipped to develop an original brand for effective on-line marketing.

Conversions are transactions or phone calls or purchases that give the Web site client a true return on investment. FCI has it down to a science so that clients truly receive the best possible on-line marketing at a reasonable investment.

Like all Noospheric companies, First Click is built on data and metrics. Monthly reports tell the story of exactly how consumers and business owners are finding Web sites and other online assets. Crunching the data and applying sound algorithms rooted in best practices is what First Click does very well. The end result is month over month improvement in traffic, conversions and revenue.

Use of Funds:

  • Development of two satellite offices (Los Angeles, CA and Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Phase II Technology Investments
  • Regional marketing campaign

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Lecture on SEO, on-line marketing at Business First Bank Santa Barbara, CA


  • Naming, branding, and positioning
  • Strategic partnership relations
  • Legal services coordination
  • Launch plan and online marketing
  • Prep for investor relations

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Max Tracy

Director of Marketing

Max manages Client Relations & Client Success at First Click


Levi Rowe

Director of Operations

Levi manages Internal Relations while also providing his knowledge as First Click’s SEO Expert