business-opportunityNoospheric proudly presents the Noosfolio Portfolio – four companies in various stages of development and growth each driven by passion and guided by experience. Each company uses data and algorithms to provide value.

Noospheric maintains an equity position in each Noosfolio company following several months of focused consulting and planning with the respective entrepreneurs. Only one out of five Noospheric consulting engagements turn into Noosfolio companies – that’s how investors know we’ve done our due diligence, inside and out.

The Noospheric Portfolio companies share four common characteristics:

  1. dynamic, visionary entrepreneur(s);
  2. well researched and clearly defined business strategy;
  3. unique market offering focused on data and algorithms;
  4. an emphasis on sustainability and value.

Data and Algorithm opportunity and challenge

  • Regional marketing development
  • Improvement in Web and mobile technologies
  • National marketing launch

The age of BIG DATA is here and Noospheric is leading the way working with startups to bring data management and quantified metrics to marketplace.

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Noospheric Portfolio

“You accomplish what you measure”
– Jacques Habra
Self Echo is the newest Noospheric investment and aims to deliver a comprehensive mechanism to measure personal analytics using mobile and Web technologies.
Our first deployment is UpJoy.me – a simple but effective online system to boost one’s positive energy clinically proven to increase productivity, benefit well being, and keep an individual in an “upward spiral”. UpJoy.me beta is now available – sign up at beta.upjoy.me.

Next on deck is the introduction of the Self Echo mobile and web platform that uses technology to help you monitor and manage your happiness. Find out what makes you happy, up, down, and everything in between. Learn more at Self Echo.
Stay tuned for the introduction of the Happy Index for a corporation, group, city, state, even an entire region… visit HappyIndex.com.

Use of Funds:

  • Development of beta application and systems
  • Robust market research campaign
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships

Visit Online: Self Echo.


How to Find a Lost Phone

Have you ever lost your mobile phone? Your wallet? Your keys? 1 in 5 Americans lose these items at least once a year. It’s a major cost and disruption. TrackR (formerly Phone Halo) aims to resolve this problem with software and tiny Bluetooth devices that prevent loss. It’s one of several products in development that converge mobile devices with the physical world.

The service division creates custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies wishing to benefit from the ubiquitous presence of mobile devices. Noospheric owner, Jacques Habra, acted as interim CEO from June 2009 – November 2010. Along the path of helping to put TrackR (Phone Halo) on the map, Noospheric participated in several key components including branding, marketing communications, investor relations, strategic partnerships, and legal affairs.

The results included winning the DEMOGod coveted award, several investors who ultimately closed deals with PH, strategic partnerships that today remain in effect, and a strengthening of the shared vision for continued development of systems that converge mobile devices with the physical world.

Read the TrackR startup story

Visit Company Site: www.thetrackr.com

Free Property Alert
Have you ever considered the value of the minutes after tragedy strikes? The founders of FreePropertyAlert.com (FPA) have and believe the precious minutes after a medical, fire, or police incident affects your home or commercial property are some of the most important.

The FPA team approached Noospheric with a great idea. Noospheric delivered the business model, branding, and online strategy (in the works) that will deliver results. Often times, this is how engagements begin with Noospheric – a brilliant concept fueled by a passionate entrepreneur who needs creative insight and experienced methodology to achieve a viability.

Noospheric’s emphasis on DATA and quantification is clear with the FreePropertyAlert system – normalizing data from hundreds of different CADs that collect dispatch emergency calls. The repurposing of data is the Noospheric core value proposition for FreePropertyAlert.com.

Use of Funds:

  • Branding and market research
  • Online marketing analysis and strategy
  • Strategic Partnership Planning

Visit Online: www.freepropertyalert.com

Get My Cat logo
Hundreds of cats are lost every day in America for a variety of reasons. Finding a lost cat is very challenging as they often go into “survival mode” and avoid responding to humans, even their owners.

GetMyCat was founded after the loss and recovery of a cat named “Majnoon”. Each of the founding members of GetMyCat have lost and recovered a cat. The business opportunity is tremendous as cat owners will spend resources to recover their lost. The value of GetMyCat is to ensure the resources of time, money, and energy are being used in the most effective manner possible. Each circumstance is unique.

GetMyCat utilizes an expert data engine based on proprietary metrics and backed by subject matter algorithms grounded in expert research.

GetMyCat has helped save tens of thousands of cats since the Spring 2012 launch!

In the Summer of 2013, Noospheric launched GetMyCat’s canine site, GetMyDog

Use of Funds:

  • National marketing launch
  • Enhancements to fulfillment services

Visit Online: www.getmycat.com

SBClick logo
SBClick acquired by SBAxxess in 2013 –Read Press Release

The wave of social networking connects people across spans of time and distance but at a local level, there remains serious gaps and SBclick aims to narrow them through mobile device platforms that serve hyper local content customized. The heart of the system is a smart phone (Blackberry and iPhone) application that provides targeted marketing based on geographic location, time of day, and a plethora of relevant demographic and psychographic elements. Plans include launching SBclick in similar cities like Austin, Boulder, Ann Arbor, and Madison. Join today and see what everyone’s been talking about.

SBClick is the solution for merchants wishing to reach a local target market through mobile devices, local search listings, and social media. The three-fold approach ensures local businesses are visible to their target market to get clicks, inquiries, and ultimately sales.

Use of Funds:

  • Regional marketing development
  • Improvement in Web and mobile technologies
  • National marketing launch

Visit Online: www.sbclick.com

First Click logo
Who would have guessed we would be conducting 3.5 Billion searches on the internet each and every day. This number continues to grow and the number of Web sites published on-line grows daily. We depend on search engines to index billions of Web pages and present accurate results instantly. First Click specializes in marketing campaigns that ensure Web sites are properly organized and displayed in these search results. First Click clients increase their ‘keyphrase’ rankings and consequently see important improvements in their Web site traffic. What makes First Click different and compelling is their emphasis on ‘conversions’. First Click produces award winning Web design, robust back end content management systems, social media assets, and has an experienced team equipped to develop an original brand for effective on-line marketing.

Conversions are transactions or phone calls or purchases that give the Web site client a true return on investment. FCI has it down to a science so that clients truly receive the best possible on-line marketing at a reasonable investment.

Like all Noospheric companies, First Click is built on data and metrics. Monthly reports tell the story of exactly how consumers and business owners are finding Web sites and other online assets. Crunching the data and applying sound algorithms rooted in best practices is what First Click does very well. The end result is month over month improvement in traffic, conversions and revenue.

Use of Funds:

  • Development of two satellite offices (Los Angeles, CA and Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Phase II Technology Investments
  • Regional marketing campaign

Visit Online: www.firstclickinc.com

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