Consulting Phases

Entrepreneurs and companies engage Noospheric to provide a wide array of consulting. For purposes of simplicity, we breakdown the service offerings as follows; although each partnership takes its own unique form.

Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhase VPhase VI

Market Research and Strategy

A good idea opens eyes and sparks the creative entrepreneurial mind. Focused market research and strategy are cornerstones of a meaningful, ‘investable’ business plan.

The entrepreneur must conduct several forms of research:

  1. Competitive analysis;
  2. Short run market analysis;
  3. User market research: survey and hands-on applications;
  4. Industry and business forecasts and projections;

The bridge between the research and business plan is all strategy. We ask and answer these questions:

  • What problem does your product/service resolve?
  • What opportunity does your product/service create?
  • Who is the buyer – target market?
  • What is the plan?

These questions lead to more questions and ultimately to the framework of a tangible business plan. We take our entrepreneurs through this research and strategy phase typically in span of 4-8 weeks. The output is the outline and content for the business plan development.

Phone Halo Equipment


trakr phone-halo
The Phone Halo business plan was well written, but incomplete. The partners won “most investable” concept from the University of California – Santa Barbara Technology Mentorship Program, however, the esteemed panel of venture capitalist judges identified flaws in the plan. Noospheric analyzed the plan, conducted research, and filled in the important gaps and discovered new market opportunities in the process.