Consulting Phases

Entrepreneurs and companies engage Noospheric to provide a wide array of consulting. For purposes of simplicity, we breakdown the service offerings as follows; although each partnership takes its own unique form.

Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhase VPhase VI

Launch and Re-launch

We believe that in today’s marketplace, an entrepreneur must be prepared to make quick adjustments based on market feedback. This is most commonly known as “Entrepreneur Pivot”. The launch phase is tricky as this involves careful market segmentation and customer feedback capture.

This is easier said than done. And, then the re-launch phase is perhaps even trickier as you take your adjusted deliverable back to market. We have been involved in over 100 Web site launches and a dozen technology or consumer goods launches. Like much of the business process, it’s very difficult to reduce this phase into specific actions, although there are rules of thumb, namely:

  1. Ensure your identity/marketing is consistent from press releases, to Web site, to company communications;
  2. Have a customer service plan in place before launching;
  3. Carefully monitor initial customer feedback through surveys, Web site activity, or observation (if you’re conducting launch in a live environment);
  4. Make sure whomever is involved is well trained.
Property Alert House


free property alert provides monitoring services for residential and commercial properties. As a Noospheric investment, we conducted initial market research and launched a beta. Based on metrics from Web analytics, conversion rates, and A-B testing, we made adjustments. It is these pivots that make the first few months of a product launch so critical. The key is to spend a little on market research and a lot of time analyzing the results. You have to ask the right questions and measure the right metrics. From there, the adjustment pivots will make sense and the business model will refine.