Instructor: Jacques Habra

Course Description

Learn the principles of financial management and wealth creation from entrepreneur Jacques Habra.  Habra is an immigrant from Lebanon who moved to the United States with his family via Brussels in the early 80s.  While graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in English and Philosophy, Habra launched his first company Web Elite – creators of high end Web assets.  In just a few years, Habra became a multi-millionaire and created significant returns for investors on his various projects.  Habra turned his income and capital into significant wealth through real estate investment, business creation, and anticipating trends in technology.

Habra lives his life by principles of financial management and wealth creation that he will teach in this 3-module course.  The course will enable you to start creating wealth as of day 1.  You will learn the basic techniques to saving more than you spend and strategic investment – even with very small initial capital.  Habra’s approach has created millions in profits for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals; and Habra’s strategic investment process has yielded value returns in the 8 figures.

THIS JUST IN: Jacques Habra named “2016 Entrepreneur of the Year” by The Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association.

Jacques lectures around the world at technology and entrepreneurship conferences and is an adjunct Marketing Professor at Santa Barbara City College and presenter at Antioch University.

About the Philosophy of Wealth Course

The course consists of 3 seminars covering the principals of financial management and wealth creation. Each seminar includes a 40-50 minute presentation of Habra reviewing key concepts to guide you towards financial success. Over his career, Habra has learned valuable lessons and critical concepts that are absolutely necessary for  creating wealth. Philosophy of Wealth Creation will give you the opportunity to start building wealth as of day one, and guide you in perfecting financial management and wealth creation using the same methods Habra used to become a multi-millionaire by age 25. You can learn more about what to expect from the full course by signing up for Habra’s Free Webinar Training or viewing the course outline below.

Module 1: Knowing your Financial Picture with Wealth on the Horizon

  • Definition of wealth – the entrepreneurs definition.
    1. Financial freedom
    2. Holding or Staying Power
  • Simple Monthly Financial Worksheet
    1. Your overhead – fixed and variable
    2. Your current income / Your current pay rate / Inventory of Time
    3. Debt Analysis
  • What do you love? Other than making money.
    1. Service vs. product
    2. Passive vs. active income
    3. Real Estate
    4. Working for equity
  • The value of assets.
    1. Buying an asset
    2. Creating an asset
    3. Establishing value for an asset


Module 2: Personal Profit

  • Daily Habits
    1. Plan your spend
    2. Creating a budget – techniques for discipline
    3. Why budgeting works – making the same, but saving much more
  • Monthly view
    1. Know your monthly nut and yearly one-time costs
    2. Establish a baseline. Make more money than you spend.  Show personal profit.
    3. Set Goals based on happiness vs. inventory of time
  • Value of Time
    1. What’s the lowest you would sell your time for? $50? $20? $10?
    2. Time Tracking techniques that work and help on day
    3. How quickly do you want to procure an asset?
      1. Consider adding 20 hours per week at $20/hour = $400 or $1600 per month or about $20,000.00.
      2. What could you do with $20,000?
        1. You could join with 2-3 other friends and buy an investment property.
        2. You could set the money aside towards a friend’s startup or your own startup.
        3. You could buy 2-3 public stocks you believe in.
        4. You could make a prototype for something you want to manufacture and raise capital towards.
        5. This list can go on.
        6. You can save it for a 2-3 month vacation and start over. (I don’t advise this if you are seeking wealth)  But I understand it.


Module 3: Wealth Creation – Income vs. Equity

  • Two types of value – Income creation or equity.
    1. Income – monthly income based on passive investment (real estate)
    2. Equity – no immediate income, but value over time based on the ownership and future dividends.
  • When to Buy real estate
    1. Location
    2. Long term value
    3. Options for income
    4. When to Sell
  • Investing in startups
    1. Know the risks
    2. What to look for to increase likelihood of success
    3. Options for early exit
    4. Investing in the long term or short term
  • Creating your own asset
    1. Traditionally this will give you the greatest return and hopefully tie to your personal passion
    2. Researching the market/sale before starting
    3. Investing on top of something that already sells
    4. Productizing from the start
    5. Knowing your business model


Experiencing the course:

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Course Cost: $299.00

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Jacques Habra brings a multi-million dollar perspective as well as 20+ years of actual entrepreneurship experience with results that include helping to raise $10MM for startups, launching numerous companies, and selling several over the course of his career. Habra’s experience as an adjunct Professor and lecturer at national universities and colleges provides the skills and expertise to manage a course with efficiency and efficacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Truly knowing yourself, your financial situation, financial tendencies, and financial goals.
  • How to establish a passive income stream
  • Benefits of assets vs. drawbacks of liabilities
  • How to create and stick to a strict budget
  • How to spend effectively and strategically
  • How to set goals based on happiness vs. inventory of time
  • Income v.s. Equity
  • When to buy, hold, and sell Real Estate
  • How to create your own asset
  • How to invest long term and short term in startups


The Course starts now and never ends! This is a completely self-paced course. You decide when you start and when you finish.