Instructor: Summers McKay

Course Overview

Social Marketing is an absolute MUST for every business. It is the most cost effective way you can create measurable, sustainable, sales growth. This extraordinary tool is an unparalleled way to reach new customers, share your brand story, engage with your current customers, and participate in a meaningful dialogue that will further your business goals. These things are absolute KNOWNS. How to do it effectively, in a measurable and manageable way remains UNKNOWN to many. So, let’s fix that.

In this practical five week course, you will learn the critical steps in crafting your social marketing plan, identifying and finding your customers, prioritizing social tools, and creating engaging content. You will learn not only how to craft effective profiles for your brand or company, but also how to create engaging content and manage paid ads. A truly effective Social Marketing Plan is a combination of both paid and unpaid brand expansion tools.

One question that confounds many business owners is how to accomplish this all in a manageable way and not lose productivity in other areas of their business. Together, we will answer that using tools like our Social Marketing Editorial Calendar and Impression Network Value Tracker. Once put in practice, these tools will allow you to manage the marketing commitments, evaluate the success of your campaigns and know where and how you can improve.

Get tactical during this dynamic five week course and create a practical, effective, and manageable social marketing plan, because your business growth depends on it.

Course Contents Include

  • 5 weekly workshops with insider tips and critical do’s and don’ts for each course module covering each component of building your marketing plan
  • Full recordings, audio download, and transcripts of each workshop
  • Easy to follow workbooks, worksheets and checklists for each module designed to fast track you through the process of developing your Social Marketing Plan
  • Access to the Social Marketing Editorial Calendar Template & Social Media Marketing Monthly Review Checklist
  • The Impression Network Analysis Spreadsheet to measure efficacy and success of campaigns.
  • Access to a private Noospheric Education Facebook Group for peer-to-peer feedback on Social Marketing strategies
  • 100% online & lifetime access with weekly bonuses covering must-know subtopics.

Options for Experiencing the course:

Package 1 – Build & Launch Your Social Marketing Plan

$597/one-time payment or 7 payments of $99

Package 2 – Build & Launch Your Social Marketing Plan with Strategic Coaching from Summers

$1097/one-time payment or 12 payments of $124