Consulting Phases

Entrepreneurs and companies engage Noospheric to provide a wide array of consulting. For purposes of simplicity, we breakdown the service offerings as follows; although each partnership takes its own unique form.

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Business Plan Consulting

Do you require business plan consulting?
The business plan is the cornerstone of launching and managing a successful entity. Many entrepreneurs skip this step thinking they can “figure it out as they go along” and many can. However, the most successful businesses always have a plan that provides the following:

  1. A clear, cogent vision for the company;
  2. A market analysis and segmentation that defines the user of the product/service;
  3. A definition of roles and responsibilities within the organizational structure;
  4. A timeline for launch and management of the entity;
  5. Comprehensive view of the financial forecast including: costs, overhead, burn rate, anticipated revenue model, growth plan;
  6. A long term equity and capitalization strategy.

And so much more. Mostly a business plan provides the entrepreneur a true asset to leverage in discussions for investments and to determine valuations

First Click Graphic


first click inc
First Click has been 100% organically funded and has reached a point of growth now requiring additional funding to enter greater regional markets. First Click could maintain profitability in a limited regional sector, but a technology company is either growing or contracting – this is a verity. Noospheric examines the growth pattern and market opportunities to present an accurate investment opportunity coupled with sound advice on how to take the business to the next level.