Consulting Phases

Entrepreneurs and companies engage Noospheric to provide a wide array of consulting. For purposes of simplicity, we breakdown the service offerings as follows; although each partnership takes its own unique form.

Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVPhase VPhase VI

Growth and Capitalization

Growing a business is very different than creating one, or launching one. There are many schools of thought on how to approach market place adoption. One text we really appreciate is Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” in which Moore provides detailed overview on the market segments involved in taking a product to market. There are distinct groups called influencers, early adopters just to name a couple, and the key is to market properly to the right groups in the right order. Growth involves having the right operational plan in place. How will you handle the exponential demand for your product/service. How will you take advantage of key market opportunities, often on the fly.

A key factor in growth is capitalization. Under the Noospheric umbrella, we provide the angel investment and business consulting strategy to launch and reach a point of profitability – this is our goal in phases 1-4. Often times, continued growth requires significant capital infusion to open up new markets and take advantage of ‘first mover’ advantages. We design this capitalization plan with the long term in mind to ensure investors obtain a verifiable ROI in both income and equity valuations.

One thing’s for sure, growth is just a phase of business. There are times when growth must slow or even pause to give room to strategize, and to develop the business. It’s critical to work “on the business” as much as you work “in the business.”

Model Holding Cat


get my cat
GetMyCat, LLC was founded based on the loss and recovery of Noospheric founder’s cat, Majnoon. The capital plan was simple: set aside monies that would have been used until Majnoon was recovered. Fortunately, Majnoon was recovered 3 weeks after he went missing. That left funding for GetMyCat. The long term vision is to dovetail this important business that has already helped save hundreds of cats into a family of businesses to help save many lost pets including dogs, and birds. Growing this business is a function of additional services and cash flow management. As the entity ventures into and, Noospheric will generate investment based on the success of the initial model in GetMyCat.