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“Noospheric accelerated our business plan significantly and brought a creative dimension that we are now building the company upon.”

Matt Mason


Have you ever considered the value of the minutes after tragedy strikes? The founders of FreePropertyAlert.com (FPA) have and believe the precious minutes after a medical, fire, or police incident affects your home or commercial property are some of the most important.
The FPA team approached Noospheric with a great idea. Noospheric delivered the business model, branding, and online strategy (in the works) that will deliver results. Often times, this is how engagements begin with Noospheric – a brilliant concept fueled by a passionate entrepreneur who needs creative insight and experienced methodology to achieve a viability.

Noospheric’s emphasis on DATA and quantification is clear with the FreePropertyAlert system – normalizing data from hundreds of different CADs that collect dispatch emergency calls. The repurposing of data is the Noospheric core value proposition for FreePropertyAlert.com.

Use of Funds:

  • Branding and market research
  • Online marketing analysis and strategy
  • Strategic Partnership Planning

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  • Naming, branding, and positioning
  • Strategic partnership relations
  • Legal services coordination
  • Launch plan and online marketing
  • Prep for investor relations