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Founder / Managing Director

Jacques Habra explains that French paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin coined the term Noosphere to describe “the sphere of human thought”. Teilhard de Chardin studied nomadic tribes disparate and disconnected and yet achieving similar discoveries and inventions at about the same time in history. Teilhard de Chardin coined the term Noosphere to explain this unconscious sharing of information that spans continents.

The global connectivity of the internet and instant sharing of information that the Web offers have interlinked our civilization like never before – Noospheric aims to further this consciousness in business and technology.

When I first became enamored with Philosophy and concepts like Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere, I realized that in some form or fashion, tenets of truth, purpose, and social obligation would play definitive roles in my professional career. Noospheric is the synthesis of technology, entrepreneurship, and a philosophical movement that businesses today must be conscious and sustainable.Sustainability is not just about the green impact of a product in the marketplace, it’s also about the social and personal effect. We believe entrepreneurs must be socially responsible by practicing good “etho-nomics.”

Ethonomics is a term I learned from a group of talented high school students during a 1 week entrepreneur workshop I led at Santa Barbara City College in 2008. The goal is a blend of smart economics and proper ethics.

We invest in entrepreneurs by providing mentoring, tools, and guidance. We exercise a philosophy of research, planning, and focused execution. Since at least half of our consultative clients become business partners, we are very selective with whom we engage. I invite you to learn more about Noospheric, and our past and current projects. Thank you for your visit.

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